In order to support the accommodation needs of training and education activities, UPKM / CD Bethesda YAKKUM also provides meeting rooms and lodging facilities.

The Training Center in the center of the city can be utilized by internal and external parties. In an atmosphere of warmth and kinship and put forward the traditional nuances of being ready to serve users of the training center facilities. Traditional nuances that can be felt by the users of the Training Center are the provision of welcome drink in the form of Wedang Uwuh Beverage, acupressure massage facilities, reflection and acupuncture, the Training Center environment which is overgrown with traditional medicinal plants, wall hangings in the Training Center environment that displays the uniqueness of traditional medicine and also the provision of consumption at meetings held with emphasis on herbal drinks and traditional foods.

a. Meeting Room

  1. Kapulaga Meeting Room, maximun capacity 15 persons
  2. Sawo Kecik Meeting Room, maximum capacity 50 persons

The meeting room is equipped with internet access via wifi, full AC, table and chairs, screens, white board, flip charts, LCD and dining room.


b. Lodging Room

Provides room and board support for trainees and education participants. Pulosari lodging room (5 rooms), Tapak Dara (4 rooms), Pandan Wangi (4 rooms), Cinnamon (12 rooms), Cardamom Room (10 rooms) can be used for 2 people, and there are also 2 FR Cardamom Rooms (2 rooms) which can accommodate 4-5 people.

For further information, please contact Ms. Indarsih (TC Manager) by telephone (0274) 548694 / (0274) 514100, or 081325783166.

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